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How can I use Status Reports?

Remco Magielse
Remco Magielse
Updated 5 years ago

With status reports you can receive an update on every status change your messages undergo. Our platform will HTTP GET a specific script on your server. A so-called event webhook.

Set up a Status Report webhook

1.Go to your Messaging Gateway app in your dashboard

product token

2.Scroll down to "Status reports"

status reports2

Select the checkbox to switch on Status Reports and input the URL to your callback script. If you want to specify exactly how the callback URL should look like you can "Show advanced settings" and select each separate key/value pair.

4. Save your settings!!!

After saving your settings, we will immediately make a test call to the provided URL. We'll send the exact example as it is shown in the Example Status Report webhook section. Please, make sure when we make this call that HTTP status code 200(OK) is returned!

All info can also be found in the API documentation:

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