How to create a template

Updated 1 year ago

Templates Overview On this page you have an overview of all your templates. Here are possible interaction options you have for each template:

  • Edit Template
  • Delete Template
  • Clone template
  • Preview template
  • Download HTML

Add a new template
Click on the + add button New template menu:

  1. Campaigns settings = you are asked to enter a description for this template. This is to explain the purpose of the specific template i.e. “this is a sales follow-up email”. This description will help people understand what this template is made for when editing.
  2. Design= design your template(drag & drop content, define a structure, add buttons, html, etc.). Your creativity is the limit!
  3. Text version = sometimes images are not displayed in mailbox. Instead you’ll have lines of text as a back-up. This is where you can upload this back-up text. And Add a link to visualize your email in a browser.
  4. Send test mail =you can either send a test email to selected recipients, or preview the template(to see what it looks like in a mailbox or a browser).
  5. Back=go back to the previous page (template overview)
  6. Save= save your template.


In settings, you can add or delete a new sender email address and sender name.

When you receive an email, the sender email addressand nameis what you see in the FROM tab. Example:

Important: In order to create a [email protected](this is an email address your recipient cannot reply to): Set-up a NOREPLY sender address requires manual configuration. Please contact supportt o enable this.