Help Products Payment Methods What components does iDEAL QR consist of?

What components does iDEAL QR consist of?

Koen Thomassen
Koen Thomassen
Updated 3 years ago
  • iDEAL QR code: This is offered by you to the consumer. Based on this QR code, the consumer can start an iDEAL payment which he then approves in the bank app with his mobile pin code.
  • iDEAL app: With the free iDEAL app, the consumer scans the iDEAL QR code you offer. The iDEAL QR code scanner is included in the app stores of Apple and Android.
  • iDEAL QR code generator: Generates the iDEAL QR codes
  • iDEAL QR code server: Checks the iDEAL QR code scanned by your customer to see if this iDEAL QR code has actually been issued for you by the iDEAL QR code generator.

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