I see different prices per operator for one single country, which price applies to me?

Updated 3 years ago

This only applies if you have an Global Gateway or Global Gateway Priority account via smsgateway.to!!!

The price that your organization will pay per SMS depends on which operator your recipient is using.

If you have a database with all your recipients and operators, you can calculate the average price. If you don't have the data, you can calculate the average price by adding up all our prices and divide by the total.

Example - for Saudi Arabia

There are six different prices, for six different operators. When you add up all the six prices you will get the amount of 0.152 EUR. If you divide this by six the average price is 0.0253 EUR.

So when you "Top up" your account by 250 EUR, you will be able to send 9,881 SMS messages.

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