What are the benefits of a postpaid and a prepaid account?

Updated 1 year ago

Both Postpaid as Prepaid can be beneficial. Below you will see the differences between Postpaid and Prepaid:


  1. You will receive an invoice for the messages sent over our Gateway (paying afterwards)
  2. Monthly fee of minimum €99,-
  3. Requires choosing a message limit and security deposit of minimum 500 Euros; the deposit allows you to send messages up to the limit of 100.000 SMS.
  4. Extra features: dedicated account manager, 24/7 support from our Customer Service Team, real time logging of all your SMS traffic, SMPP connection possible, and more.
  5. Discount on pricing per SMS.
  6. Access to more apps like Email Campaigns and Landing Pages.


  1. Paying a SMS bundle in advance online (minimum bundle of 15 Euro, valid for 1 year)
  2. No monthly spend/costs
  3. No deposit required
  4. Create an account yourself via our website www.CM.com
  5. Self-supporting platform; only online support.
  6. Only access to Send Messages, SMS Campaigns and SMS Gateway.