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How to get the right international phone number format

Remco Magielse
Remco Magielse
Updated 3 years ago

In Address Book you are asked to provide the international country format, if the country format is missing.

This means that if a number does not start with "00" or "+", we automatically change the format to the country of your choice.

An example of an upload with fallback international format set on UK (+44).

Number is not properly read (i.e. "4,478E10")

  1. Select your column value with phone numbers
  2. Click on Home > Number > Select "Number" in the drop down box
  3. Delete commas: Home > Number > Decrease decimal (.00 > .0)

International prefix is missing ("+" or "00") Step 1 Set your excel file from A -> Z

  1. Select your data
  2. Go to Data > Filter
  3. Click on the triangle next to your column value for phone number
  4. Click on Sort A to Z

Step 2 Add column for the right values

  1. Right click on column title next to your phone number column and press Insert
  2. Add code in the top empty cell: ="+"&CELL_VALUE (i.e. ="+"&A2 - see picture below) and press Enter
  3. Double click when in the bottom right corner of the cell (The whole column should now be filled with the right phone number format)

Step 3 Upload you Address Book and check country format

After uploading the excel file, go to the Address Book and check whether the phone numbers are properly uploaded.

Prepared file:

Address Book upload:

Example Import File: <a href="" target="_blank">Download Example File</a>

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