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Can I port my existing numbers to CM?

Stijn Coppieters
Stijn Coppieters
Updated 3 years ago

CM support porting of numbers in 20+ different countries. Number porting requests can be initiated through our online Voice Management portal (

Please follow the following steps to request a number porting:

  1. Go the Voice Management app

  2. In the side navigation, go to 'Number Porting'

  1. Fill out the company details of current party owning the number. This could either be your company, or one of your customers (in case you are a reseller).

  2. Fill out the company details of the company that now hosts the number

  3. Enter the numbers you want to port to, as well as preferred porting date and time.

  4. Enter your e-mail addressa and any additional comments to finalize your request. After hitting the request button, your porting request will be saved in the porting request overview and will be reviewed by our porting desk. They will get in touch with you soon after the request to discuss further details.

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