Will the consumer receive an sms every time a billing is done?

Updated 7 months ago

The Netherlands: the following rules apply. In the Netherlands: The consumer does not receive a message if the purchase amounts to € 5,00 or less. For purchases above € 5,00, the consumer will receive the text message “Gratis bericht: je maakt gebruik van abonnement [SERVICENAME], de kosten zijn [TARIFF]/[DURATION]. Ga naar [URL]. Afmelden: www.payinfo.nl”

In Belgium: Consumers who subscribe to a service billed with DCB will receive a message once a month, starting one month after their registration. This is the case if the subscription is renewed daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Messages are sent in one out of three languages depending on the language of the DCB service they subscribed to.

  • For English: Free message from [servicename]: you are subscribed to the Service of [servicename] at [tariff] euro/[frequency]. To unsubscribe: click www.payinfo.be or call [helpdeskphonenumber].

  • For Dutch: Gratis bericht van [servicename]: u bent ingeschreven voor de Dienst van [servicename] aan [tariff] euro/[frequency]. Om te stoppen: SSSS of bel [helpdeskphonenumber].

  • For French: Message gratuit de [servicename]: vous êtes abonné à un Service de [servicename] à [tariff] euros/[frequency]. Pour y mettre fin: SSSS ou appelez le [helpdeskphonenumber].