How to setup actions in received messages

Updated 8 months ago

If you want to process replies to your E-mail box please follow these steps:

Enable your SMS Inbox (by selecting an inbox that allows for this) and forward incoming SMS to your email address

  1. Go to the 'Messaging gateway' App

  2. Select 'Reply Settings'

  3. Enable "Show responses in my inbox"

  4. Fill-in your e-mail address in the "Forward Responses to email address". You can enter multiple e-mail address, but every e-mail address will receive every incoming SMS.

  5. Click "Save Settings".

Now your Inbox is activated and all incoming SMS will be forwarded.

Forward responses to URL Many actions can be set-up on replies via the Post to URL section, such as:

  • Send reply message
  • Send 1 in 10 people a reply that they've been chosen
  • Forward phone numbers of "STOP" messages to an opt-out list
  • Forward phone numbers of "Yes" messages to a leads-list
  • Etc.

Please discuss with your IT-professional how this could be set up.