CM Account Types

Updated 8 months ago

CM Account Types has three different account types available. All accounts start as a 'Demo' account, and if you perform an purchase in the Shop your account will be promoted to a full working 'Prepaid' account. For larger enterprise customers will also offer a 'Postpaid' account. Where they will receive a credit line and a periodical invoice.

Demo account

You can easily create a demo account using our registration page. When you this you receive a small amount of credit to evaluate our services. Please be aware that the demo account is limited in its features: you can only send test messages to your own mobile number. Also several apps will not work in demo mode such as Mail SMS and Messaging Analytics. To get full access you will need to make a successful payment towards your Wallet after that your account will automatically be promoted to a Prepaid account.

Prepaid Account

A prepaid account allows you to send to any recipient and will also unlock all analytical messaging apps.

Postpaid Account

Certain features (such as Talk, Pay and Access) are only available to customers that have signed contract as part of their Essentials, Business or Enterprise plan. See our pricing for a complete overview.

If you want to get a postpaid account please contact us here.

Supported apps per Account Type

Demo account Prepaid account Postpaid account
Address book Mail SMS Audio Manager
App manager Messaging Analytics Push Messaging
CM Authenticator Messaging Log Customer Contact
Hybrid Messaging status Messaging Gateway E-mail Campaigns
Invoices Geef Mobiel
Landing pages
Send Messages Send Voice
Shop Texter
SMS Campaigns Voice Analytics
Ticketing Voice Management