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Email Campaign Stats

Marlou Vermeeren
Marlou Vermeeren
Updated 3 years ago

When you have sent a campaign you can easily view the statistics so you can see how your campaign did. You can go to the statistics by clickin the campaign or by clicking the view stats button on the right of the campaign. When you open the statistics you will see a page similar to this one.

  1. On the top you will see the campaign information like to how many recipients you have sent the campaign, to which list, the subject, the date and the sender address.

To further explain what we see in the results section, we first need to know that a mail that was sent to a recipient, can have multiple statuses. Below you will see a list of the statuses and what they mean.

  • Sent: The mail was sent to the recipient.
  • Delivered: The mail was delivered to the mail server of the recipient. This means the mail server of the recipient accepted the mail but it could still mean that the mail server decides to place it in the spam folder.
  • Opened: The mail was opened by the recipient.
  • Clicked: The recipient clicked a link in the mail.
  • Bounced: The mail couldn’t be delivered to the recipient. This could be a temporary failure like a full mailbox or a permanent failure like a mailbox that doesn’t exist.
  • Complained: The recipient complained about the mail by clicking the mark as spam button.
  • Unsubscribed: The recipient pressed the unsubscribe button in this mail.
  • Blacklisted: The recipient was already on the blacklist, because he caused a permanent bounce, complained or unsubscribed. Therefor we didn’t send a mail to this recipient.

2. In the results section you will find the totals of the opened, clicked, unsubscribed, bounced and complained statuses in your mails. On the top you will see the open rate, this figure is the percentage of opens compared to the emails sent. The click rate is the percentage of recipients that clicked a link compared to the number of emails sent.

3. In the Links clicked section there is a section with links clicked. This section will be empty if there were no links or no links are clicked yet. In the list you can see how many unique recipients clicked a certain link.

Below the links you will find a small portin of the recipients and there detailed statuses. (Email addresses are removed for privacy reasons)

If you want to see all the statuses you have two options.

4. Click the download button in the right corner. This will provide you an CSV file which you can use to make selections or remove addresses from your list.

5. You can click the Show all recipients button. In that case you will see the detail screen below. (Email addresses are removed for privacy reasons)

On the top you can filter for certain statuses. It will show you all recipients that have one of the selected statuses. So if you remove the check before unsubscribed, you will still see that unsubscribed recipient because it has an opened, delivered and sent status and those are still selected.

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