Understanding Ticket Personalisation

Updated 1 year ago

Ticket personalisation is the process of making a ticket unique by putting it on the name of the visitor. Ticket personalisation is used to have the information of who is visiting your event. Usually you only gather the information of the ticket buyers, but you are not sure who actually visits your event. Ticket buyers often order more than one ticket, the other visitors remain unknown. Ticket personalisation makes possible to verify the identity of each visitor. This can be of importance for maximizing your events’ security or secondary ticketing purposes.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Ticket personalization is part of the Business package
  2. Contact [email protected] for more information

Ticket personalisation in practice
Each ticket buyer will receive a confirmation mail containing a button that leads to the personalisation page. On the personalisation page, the visitor will have to fill in the information of the people who will visit the event. Each ticket requires a unique mail address and mobile number (when this is asked).

When all the details have been filled in, the ticket buyer has to save this information on the page and will continue to the next step. Note: as from this moment name changes can only be done via Ticket transfer, which requires a small payment. In the next step the ticket buyer can download their ticket(s) on the page and they will also receive an mail to download their ticket(s).