Help Finance How do I top-up?

How do I top-up?
Updated 3 years ago

This article is related to prepaid users only

Topping up is easy.

Step 1. Go to finance. Find finance in your profile menu

top up

Step 2. Click the top-up-button.

top up2

Step 3. Choose the amount you want to top-up. Your top-up credit can be spent on the entire platform, and can be used for every app that's available to you.

top up 3

Step 4. Choose your preferred payment method.

top up 4

Step 5. Are you using Credit Card? Maybe auto-recharge could be useful to you. Simply activate and choose the amount you want your wallet to be top-upped to, everytime your wallet reaches below a predefined limit. This way, you'll never run out of balance again.

top up 5

That's it! You're all set. Happy campaigning!

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