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How to send from your own domain

Marlou Vermeeren
Marlou Vermeeren
Updated 2 years ago

If you want to send from your own domain instead of our default domain, you'll have to verify your domain. This is necessary in order to tell mailbox providers that we're allowed to send the mail for you. Without verifying it, a lot of your email will go to the spam folder or will even be blocked.

To verify your domain, you go to verified domains, which can be found under settings in the menu. Simply click the add button and fill in the domain you want to send from. The domain is the part behind the @ sign in your email address. So if you want to send from [email protected], your domain is

Once you have added the domain you will get a set of entries which you should add to your DNS. You can ask your IT department to do that in case you have no idea what DNS entries are and how to make them.

When the DNS entries are added, click the verify button and we will check if you have added everything correctly. Please take into account that it can take up to 48 hours for the records to verify. So you might have to come back later when it doesn't verify immediately.

After verifying your domain you can now use it in your sender addresses and no further checking is needed.

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