How do I gain insight into my profiles

Updated 8 months ago

Profile insights

When opening the App, you enter the ‘Profile insights’ page. On this page, you get an overview of your profiles and the primary data that you have from these profiles.

On the left side, in the sidebar (1), you can see where you are in CM Data. The ‘Insights’ page easily provides you with a few insights into your data. For example, you see a number under ‘Profile insights’ (2). This number represents your number of profiles in CM Data. The most important primary data are shown below (3). In the example you see email addresses and names of multiple customers. By clicking on one of the headers, the list will be sorted based on that value. For example, by clicking on ‘Created on’, the last added profile is displayed at the top. At the bottom of the page (4) you can navigate through the pages.


By clicking on one of the lines on the ‘Profile insights’ page, you go to the profile of this specific person.

On the left side of the middle, you can find ‘Details’ that belong to a profile. This contains, for example, the name, gender and primary e-mail address. A timeline can be seen on the right. This timeline shows all the events that a profile is going through. Which events, or ‘Events’ depends on the sources that are linked to your CM Data. In the example you can see that the profile has bought a ticket, a ticket has been scanned and that he has bought something at the bar. By clicking on an event, the event expands with more information.

At the top right of the profile, you see a button with three dots. If you press this, you will see three important functionalities:

  • Export data: With this button you can make an export of the profile and the related ‘Events’.
  • Delete: Pay attention! With this button you delete a profile. Never just delete a profile, since this profile cannot be restored. If you want to delete a profile, for example at the request of a customer, click ‘Delete’ again. The profile has now been deleted from CM DATA.
  • Consents: This button indicates whether the customer has given permission to receive marketing communications. By clicking on the button, you can change the privacy settings of the profile.

Event insights

If you do not want to look at customer profiles but at one specific event, you can do this with ‘Event insights’. With ‘Event insights’ you can select an ‘Event’ in the selection bar under ‘Event type’. By doing this, the insights change with the data associated with that event. In the top right you can export this information as a CSV.