How can I make a new chart?

Updated 8 months ago


All data and insights come together in the dashboard. You can easily create any chart with the data you want to see.

Create a new chart

To add a new chart to your dashboard, click the Add button at the top right. By clicking the Add button, a screen as shown below will pop up.

Let's explain every step in the process shortly.

  1. Start with the title for your graph.

  2. Decide what you want to see with the graph. Do you want to show profile data, Event data or do you want to see how an event changes over time?

  3. Indicate whether you want to display a graph or a table.

  4. Interval are 2 fields. Please indicate the quantity in the first field.

  5. In the second field, you can indicate what time frame you want to look at, for example: create a graph in which I see the last 30 weeks.

  6. Here you can indicate whether you want to work with Series. A series is actually one segment. In some cases, it is valuable to compare different segments. For example: how is the ticket sale of young people running as compared to the elderly?

  7. Give a title for the Series.

  8. Choose the segment for which you want to create a graph. You do not have to choose a segment if you want to look at the total number of profiles.

  9. Choose a visualization: pie chart, line chart or bar chart.

  10. Indicates what you want to do with the Event type, count, sum or the average.

  11. Here you indicate which event type you want to watch. In this case we look at the number of tickets sold each week.

  12. You can add another unit, such a "number of tickets" Save your graph by clicking Save.

Adjust chart

If you want to adjust a graph, you can easily do that in CM DATA, as can be seen in the picture below.

  • Click on the three dots at the bottom right of the graph that you want to adjust.
  • The edit screen appears. This corresponds to the Create Chart screen.
  • Because the screen shown above belongs to a chart in which Profiles are shown, a number of fields are defined slightly differently than if you have selected "I want to look at events over time" at “Type of data”. The principles remain the same.
  • If you need help with editing or creating graphs, please contact your onboarding manager from CM.

Als je er niet uitkomt met het bewerken of aanmaken van grafieken, neem dan contact op met je onboarding manager vanuit CM.