Discount Codes: How often are they used?

Updated 1 year ago

When you have set up a discount code campaign for an event, it is also important to be able to measure the success of the campaign. The campaign overview within the Discount campaigns gives these insights.

Which kind of analysis can I make of my campaigns?

Per campaign is clear:

  • Whether it is a campaign for discounts on orders or on specific tickets
  • How many codes have been issued?
  • How many were used
  • What codes have been used

The values:

In the example above, 500 unique codes have been created, all of which are valid twice. If all codes are used twice, the display will already follow at the end of the campaign: 500 code(s) [1000/1000 used] if 250 codes are used 1x the following 500 code(s) [250/1000 used] will be displayed at the end of the campaign

When a specific campaign is clicked on at the code level it will show whether it has been used or not and if it has been used how often.

It is also possible to see whether a discount code has been used for each order (including the details of the buyer). This can be seen via the export from the visitor module.

  1. Go to "Orders".
  2. Make sure you have selected the right event
  3. Scroll down to the right
  4. Click on the button "Download all data".
  5. Choose data per order.

The data will now be downloaded in Excel (CSV) format.

The data are currently still one line in a row. These can be converted into columns using the steps below:

  1. Open the CSV file in Excel.
  2. Arcade the entire A column by clicking on the letter A at the top of the column.
  3. Click on 'Data' in the top menu bar.
  4. In the 'Data' menu, choose 'text to columns'.
  5. In the open window, select 'separated' and [next].
  6. In the next window, select 'comma' and [next].
  7. In the next window, choose 'Standard' and click [Finish].