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How to send SMS on Zapier

Remco Magielse
Remco Magielse
Updated 2 years ago

Automate sending Text in minutes, without programming

You only need a few clicks to send Text on Zapier. In this example we'll connect Trigger "New Gmail" to Action " Send Text" by making a New Zap.

1. Make a Zap

Start by making a zap and choose the application you want to use as Trigger. In this example we choose Gmail.

Choose "New Email Matching Search" so only certain emails will trigger the Send Text action.

Select your gmail account.

Enter the search string that reflects messages that you want to be notified about.

Tip: If you have emails in your inbox that matches this search, you can pull in examples which makes it easier to setup and test the zap.

2. Choose Action

Search for and choose to setup the action.

Choose action Send Text (SMS/Push) Message

Choose your account if you already connected CM before, or choose Connect an Account

When connecting a new account, a pop-up is opened.

Copy your product token from and paste it in the Zapier Product Token field. Zapier will automatically check if the product token is valid and can be used in Zapier.

You're now ready to setup the Send Text Action.

The Message type can be SMS and/or Push. When choosing Push, you will receive push messages to your " push enabled app" or you can use the CM Notifier app (get it free on Android and iOS). Read more about message types in this help doc.

For this example we'll use SMS only.

The From field is the sender of the message, which can be a name or a phone number (with country code).

Note: The maximum length is 11 characters or 16 numbers. Sender restrictions may apply depending on the recipient country, see this help document for more information.

For this example we'll use From gmail.

The To field is the recipient number, for instance your own mobile number. You may also use values from the Zapier Trigger in any Action field (message type, from, to, body, etc.).

For this example we'll use To your own mobile number. Make sure to include the country code to your number.

The Body is the message that will be sent. In this example we'll use some values from the tirgger in the message body:

  • From Email
  • Subject
  • Raw Snippet

Fields Valid until and Reference are optional and will be left blank in this example. Press Continue to view the summary of your test before sending the Text.

Press Send Test to The SMS will arrive on your phone in a few seconds. Zapier will show a Success notification. In case errors are mentioned, try to solve them and test again.

Hit the Finish button and don't forget to turn on your Zap! You're all set now :)

Tip: you can create zaps even faster when using templates, e.g. Send SMS for new Gmail emails matching a search

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