CM Messaging High Availability - Multiple platforms for HTTP

Updated 1 year ago

CM Messaging High Availability

Multiple platforms for HTTP

CM has multiple platforms available for our customers at different locations, when one of these platforms has problems customers can connect to the other platform to ensure availability.

Within each platform we have taken measures which ensure that we can continue with all our services when something breaks.

These platforms work independent of each other so hardware or network failures on one platform don’t affect the other platform.

Switching between platforms takes a lot of effort for our customers and therefore we have implemented a solution for our HTTP customers to make this switch automatically.

When connecting to we will automatically detect whether the platform is up and running correctly, when it is not we will make the switch to the other platform automatically.

Customers that want to remain in control of which platform they connect to can continue to use and

For our SMPP connections we are currently working on a similar solution, however automatically routing the MO and SR messages from our suppliers to another platform remains a challenge.