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What is Sign?

Niels Buijs
Niels Buijs
Updated 2 years ago

With CM Sign you can have your electronic file signed digitally. Think of: Contracts, quotations, application forms, offer letters and more.

More information about Sign can be found here.

What can I do with the Sign app?

My tasks

Sign: On this page you, as a signatory of a company (for example a director or owner), receive a notification as soon as you have to sign a file. For example, this can already be signed by the counterparty and only has to be signed by the own organization.


Everything: On this page you can find all files created by this user.

Completed: On this page you can find all files signed by all persons.

Waiting: This page contains files that have been sent and are in the drawing process.

Rejected: If the counterparty disagrees with the content of the agreement they can reject it. In this menu you will see a notification.

Concept: All files that have not yet been sent can be found in the concept so that you can complete and send them for signing.


From the moment you have sent a document for signature, you can use the dashboard to view the status of a document. In addition, as a document owner (the person who created the file) you also receive notifications by e-mail when one or all of the signatories have signed.

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