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Creating dossiers to be signed

Niels Buijs
Niels Buijs
Updated 2 years ago

Step 1. Open the Sign app from the App menu or click here

Step 2. Click on the plus icon in the top right corner of the page to create a new dossier.

Step 3. Upload a .pdf file via '' Select a document '' or drag the document into the screen (a quotation, contract or any other document you want to have signed).

Step 4. Click on '' add '' to fill in the details of one or more persons who have to sign the document.

• Do you want multiple people to sign? This can be done by adding more people • Do you want to add an order for people who should sign first? You can do this as soon as more people are added, at the heading position. • Do you want to add a person to have the contract reviewed? This is possible! Via '' Review only ''.

Step 5. Determine the positions of the signature, initials, date or open text fields. Via the left side of the menu you choose which signatures you need for your document. Then drag the frame to the position within the document.

Is everything in the document in the right place? Then click on the button '' create ''.

Step 6. In the next screen you can add a personal text per signer.

Are you planning on using a similar sized contract more often? Click on '' Save as template '', this means the next time the signatures, initials, date or open field boxes are automatically placed in the right place when choosing this template.

Step 7. Click on "send" to send the documents. The file has been successfully sent to the signer(s). You can find the dossier under the heading Dossiers on the left under "Everything" or "Waiting". In addition to this dashboard to check the status, you will also receive an e-mail as soon as every signatory has signed. This way you know exactly what the status of a dossier is.

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