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How does Spread Payments work?

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 2 years ago

Spread payments is an online payment method that CM Tickets can activate for event organizers. This option is not available for our Online package users. The terms in which card buyers may pay are set by agreement between CM and organizer. Often three terms are set.
Event organizers can offer spread payments as a service to ticket buyers. This service is interesting for event organizers and ticket buyers when it comes to higher amounts per ticket (>100 Euros). It makes it easier for the ticket buyer to make the decision to purchase a ticket. Also, some event organizers use spread payments as a marketing tool for target audiences that not yet bought a ticket and see it as a barrier to pay the total amount of the ticket at once.
Ticket buyers that choose spread payments pay a fee per payment term. Please contact your CM Tickets accountmanager for more information.
Spread payments is usually offered up to a maximum of three months before the event. Buyers only receive the event ticket after all terms have been paid.

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