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How many visitors are currently in my ticket shop?

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 2 years ago

Event organizers can track real time how many active visitors are in their ticket shop. This is done by connecting your Google Analytics to the ticket shop. This article gives a step-by-step overview on how to do this.

Google Analytics is used to track specific actions of customers in your shop. In this way, the shop visitors can be measured and the conversions mapped. Also you can determine the traffic sources of your shop visitors. This is useful information to determine the most effective communication channels. Finally, with Google analytics key it is possible to track visitors locations. This information gives you the opportunity to focus marketing activities on a specific region in follow-up actions.

  1. Copy the Google Analytics Key from your Google Analytics account
  2. Open the tab Event settings
  3. Click the E-commerce tab
  4. Past your Google Analytics Key into the outlined field. The Google Analytics Key is automatically added to all 3 steps of the purchase process.
  5. Press Save
  6. Open your Google Analytics account
  7. Set the next goals:
  • [shoplink]/step1→ Product selection page
  • [shoplink]/step2 → Personal data page
  • [shoplink]/success → confirmation page after purchase

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