Set up an event for processing free registrations

Updated 1 year ago

When your event has a free entrance, or some of the tickets types are free of charge, this article can help to select the right settings in the CM Tickets Dashboard. This article gives a step-by-step overview on how to choose the right settings for free ticket types.

  1. Select the Event settings tab
  2. Select the Tickets tab
  3. Select the event in the dropdown menu
  4. Click on the ticket type bar to specify the ticket price
  5. Fill in a price of € 0,00
  6. Press Save
  7. Select the Event settings tab
  8. Select Payment methods
  9. Go to Free orders and toggle to make sure Free orders (green) is active
  10. Press Save

Check the settings
Check your settings, especially in the case of free ticket types and paid ticket types, by going to the actual ticketshop:

  1. Select the Event Settings tab
  2. Select the Shoplink tab
  3. Copy the URL
  4. Paste the URL in a new browser window
  5. Check or the settings where applied correctly