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Following the status of a dossier

Niels Buijs
Niels Buijs
Updated 2 years ago

You have sent a dossier and you want to know what the current status is. Follow the following steps to gain insight into: who has already signed or who is still to sign?

Step 1. Go to CM Sign via the platform or

Step 2. Click on waiting

Step 3. Click on the relevant file or click on the 3 balls and then on info (see below)

Step 4. You now have insight into the status of the signatories: Green is signed and orange is invited but not signed yet. (See below)

Step 5. (optional). The overview above also gives you the possibility to change data such as name and e-mail address via the '' pencil '' icon and sending a reminder via the '' envelope '' icon.

Step 6. (optional). After saving the data you come back to the overview and if desired you can send a reminder via the ''envelope'' icon to the recipient whose details have been modified. (See below)

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