Help Products Phone Numbers Why are incoming calls to my numbers not working?

Why are incoming calls to my numbers not working?

Stijn Coppieters
Stijn Coppieters
Updated 2 years ago

Below possible options for troubleshooting inbound telephony

  1. Inbound number (DID) not bound to correct Distribution Group
    Check your Distribution Group IP address settings in Voice Management App.

  2. Firewall or PBX not configured for CM inbound trunk IP addresses
    Inbound traffic is routed from our dedicated inbound platform. Please allow incoming traffic from:

    InOut00 (Legacy platform):

    Inbound 10


  3. No correct response to SIP OPTIONS keep alive messages
    If a 404 error No Route To Destination | No More Destinations error response is received. Our platform is sending so called Keep Alive messages via SIP OPTIONS message which need to be acknowledged by a 200 OK from customer PBX instance.
    This is the principle by which our gateways check if the inbound trunk is still available.
    After updating your config, please wait 3-5 minutes before retesting since our platform requires 3 successful responses.

  4. Inbound number format
    The number format for inbound calls is always with the "+" symbol.

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