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Introduction guide to CM Pages

Remco Magielse
Remco Magielse
Updated 2 years ago

Go beyond regular SMS with CM Pages, a mobile landing page solution tailored to enhance your customers’ mobile experience. Get more leads, increase engagement and watch your conversion rate grow.

To use the CM Pages product, navigate to the Apps in the Top Right-Hand Corner and Select the Pages app. Or if you haven't added Pages to your app menu yet, simply add it via the App Center.

Once there, you will see an overview of all the Pages you have created thus far. You will create a new Page by clicking on the + sign.

The following screen is where you will begin the process of creating your CM Page, click on the + sign to add as many “sections” as you would like. You will then click on the pen on the first Page to start the editing process.

The CM Pages App uses a Drag and Drop functionality, allowing you to simply click and drag the item that you want to use on the left-hand side from the and dropping it onto your Page.

Let’s say you wanted to put an image on the page, you would click on the Media Heading, and then drag and drop the Image button onto the page in the section Drop Here. From there you will then click on where you dropped the image on the page and fill in / select the settings on the right-hand side.

IE: click Upload File if you wanted to use a file from your PC / Laptop. You can then fit the image how you want on the page using the Metrics on the second bottom half on the right-hand side.

Similarly, you would be able to add a YouTube video by following the same process.

IE: Click on Media, then drag and drop the Video button onto the page in the middle, and then put in the URL on the right-hand side and so on for all the different Media / Elements / Forms and Address book.

Different objects explained:


Button – You can use this to go to a specific website or go to another Page you have created (IE: linking multiple pages together if you were building a catalogue). You can change the Text on the button and change colours etc.

Call to – This a Call to Action button that once you have filled in the number on the right-hand side, and the end user clicks on it, it will prepopulate a number in the dialer on their phone to make it easy for them to call you

Space – This is to have spacing between your media / elements / text box etc.

Split section – In case you would like two images side by side, or text side by side etc.

Text Box – This will be used when you want to put in Text into the page


Submit Button – To submit the completed data to your environment

Reset Button – To reset the form

Text Input – Where the end user would need to fill in text

Text Box – Where you will advise users what you want them to do / fill in

Address Book

Address Book Field – Where you can request the end user to input things like: Phone Numbers, First Name, Last Name, Company Name etc and select the requirements for the field

Subscribe Option – You can link it to a URL, go to a different page, add it to an Address Book Group etc.

Reset Button – Similar to Subscribe / Button, you can link it to a web address, go to a different section on your page etc.

Once your page is finished, go to the Campaigns App and send out a message to the end user and add the CM Page link into the message

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