Receiving email notifications for incoming messages

Updated 8 months ago

Receiving email notifications for incoming messages covers several use cases:`

A. You expect the number of incoming messages is relatively low, you can choose to set-up an alert via email. Replying to those messages per email can be done when you have installed the Mail2SMS Service. [ ]

B. You are not always logged on the the platform, but are more active on email. Therefore you want to receive the messages in 2 systems – email to alert you that there is a question waiting for you and one of CM.coms other applications, where you reply to the message via the same channel as the user has contacted you.

C. You might want to update your CRM/ERP system with the incoming messages. In this case your e-mail administrator can setup e-mail addresses which will automatically inserts the email messages in your CRM or ERP system.

When you thick the email box, you need to configure at least one email address to receive the incoming messages. When you have entered one or more email addresses, and later thick off the email functionality. The emails remain configured, though you will no longer receive those until you have activated the email functionality again.

The amount of email address you configure has no technical limitation. Though from an operational point of view all email addresses will receive the same incoming message. And will not know who else has received this email, or if someone has already responded. Hence you need to configure this with care. for more information.