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Can I verify the email addresses in my adress book?

Marlou Vermeeren
Marlou Vermeeren
Updated 2 years ago

Of course you can verify the email addresses in your address book. We can check for you whether an email address actually exists and if it's a temporary email address or not. You also have the option to choose what you want to do with the validation results.

When to use it?

  • If you run into bounce rate problems when sending email with Email Campaigns. Most likely you have a lot of email addresses in you address book that don’t exist.
  • If you want to remove temporary email addresses. These are email addresses that are mostly used for creating accounts without using a real email address. Probably because they didn't want to receive spam, but now you're paying for emails that won't be read.
  • When you just want to clean up your address book and remove duplicate contacts or contacts without an email address.

How to clean your address book

Open the address book app and find the group you want to clean. Click on the context menu and then click “Clean emails” to go to the “Clean emails” screen. In this screen you can choose multiple clean settings to filter out certain contacts.

Below you will find a detailed explanation of what each option does. Of course you can also use the tooltip behind each option to see what is does.

  • Remove invalid emails; This option is on by default and it will remove the email address from the contact if it doesn't exists
  • Remove contacts without an email; This will remove the entire contact from your address book if it doesn't have an email address. If you leave this option unchecked then the contacts without an email address remain in the group, but if you try to send emails to them they will be ignored because there is no email address anymore. Don't use this option if you also use this group for sending text messages.
  • Remove duplicate emails; This will remove the email address from the contact if there are duplicates.
  • Remove AcceptAll emails; This will remove the email address from the contact if this is a mailserver that always says that the email address exists. Be carefull with this option. Many business email servers always say that the email address exists. So if your sending to a lot of business email addresses, you might not want to use this option.
  • Remove disposable emails; This will remove the email address from the contact if it is a disposable email address. These are temporary email addresses that are usually used to sign up for a site when they don't want to receive emails from that site later on. Usually these email addresses are only valid for a short period of time like a few hours.

When is my cleaned address book ready to use?

When you start the cleaning process all the email addresses will be validated and filtered according to the chosen settings. This might take a while depending on the size of the group that you want to clean. When cleaning is finished you will receive an email on your email address. In this email is a link to your cleaned address book.

How can I use my cleaned address book?

Your new freshly cleaned group will have the same name as your old one. In case you work with multiple people in the same account, your colleague can still pick the address book he always uses and he will use the cleaned version. So just select the new group when you’re making a new Email Campaign and you’re ready to go. The old group can also still be found and selected as you please, it will have the date and time of the cleaning behind it.

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