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Completing Facebook Business verification
Updated 1 year ago

All WhatsApp accounts require a verified Facebook Business account in order to be able to use WhatsApp Business messaging.

There are several reasons and benefits to this:

  1. To make sure a company actually exists
  2. To make sure that all your Facebook resources like Facebook pages, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts and Facebook ads can be linked to your business
  3. To make sure at least 2 employees have access to the business accounts so that when one person leaves, your company still has access to the accounts.

What a verified account does not entitle you to:

  1. An Official WhatsApp Business account (a green checkmark in the WhatsApp app)
  2. A verified Facebook page (blue checkmark next to your Facebook page)

The business has to initiate the verification by itself, by choosing Business Settings in their Facebook Business account and choosing Security Center.

Fill out information about your business and attach documents when prompted. This information is only for Facebook, consumers will not see it. To see which types of documents are accepted, follow this link:

You need to verify your contact information via phone or business email.

Once completed, you will receive a message confirming the submission of business information.

The submission status will be reflected in Business Verification card located in Security Center. When the Facebook team completes verification, you will receive a notification and the status will change to “Verified.”

Once your verification is completed and after you have approved the Messaging-on-behalf-of request, your WhatsApp business profile can be activated by employees.

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