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How to use statistics in Pages

Remco Magielse
Remco Magielse
Updated 1 year ago

Page automatically collects information about the usage of your landing pages and displays this in statistics. Statistics provides high level usage information at a glance and allows you to download more detailed statistics for offline processing.

Please note that we store advanced statistics for Basic Pages for up to 7 days after the Page has expired, and for Premium Pages for up to 180 days after the Page has expired.

statics for Pages

To access statistics about your Page, click on the icon with Statistics (3 bars). Statistics are only available for Pages that have been published.

Overview of Pages statistics

Page visits

Pages automatically tracks information about unique visits per device. This is displayed in the statistic Pages opened.

You will see two numbers in the following format XX / XX. The first number displays the number of unique devices that have opened the Page. The second number is the number of Pages that have been created for customers. The open ratio is the ratio between those two is generally used to measure the success of your Campaign.

Form submits

When you have a form on the Page you will see similar information about the number of forms that have been submitted XX / XX. The first number displays the total number of forms submitted. The second number shows the total number of Pages that have been created.

To get only the form information you can download this to a CSV file using the 'Completed Forms' button.


When you have a payment component on the Page you will also see the statistics about that specific component. Again you will see two numbers XX / XX. The first number displays the amount of completed payments. The second number displays the amount of payments that have been generated.

Furthermore you will see the total Paid amount that has been received through payment components.

Advanced statistics (CSV)

If you want to get the full details for your visitors and how they have used the Page you can download the 'Advanced statistics'. This will download a CSV file that you can open in a spreadsheet.

Pages Advanced Statistics

The first three columns will show you:

  • recipientKey The number that the Page has been sent to
  • createdOnUtc The date and time the Page was created for that specific recipient. This is typically the date at which you have sent out the Campaign.
  • firstOpenedOnUtc The date at which the Page was first opened on a device

The other columns will display all the information from forms (optionally) and components on your Page. Form fields will be displayed with the 'Label' component as you have specified it on the Page. Every other component will be displayed at 'Section:Component:Description'. The value in each cell will show the number of interactions (e.g., clicks) that component has received.

If you have a payment component the last columns in the file will show you the total value of Generated Payments and the amount of SuccesfulPayments together with the currency it was paid in.

Completed forms (CSV)

Completed forms will display in the file the first four columns about your form. It will show:

  • SectionName Which section of your Page the form is on.
  • Button Which button was used to submit the data.
  • RecipientNumber Which recipient submitted the form. Typically this is the phone number.
  • CreatedAtUtc The date and time when the recipient has submitted the form

The remaining columns will display all the forms field on your Page and the information that specific recipient has entered.

Pages Form Data

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