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Conversational Window

Saskia Beukeveld
Saskia Beukeveld
Updated 1 year ago

Each chat app (WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger) has different rules about your response time to your customers. These rules ensure that you deliver high service levels using their platform.

WhatsApp Business, for example, dictates that you have to reach out to consumers within 24 hours after they contact you. This is calculated from the last message the consumer has sent. Obviously not so handy when it is weekend or a bank holiday. Same logic has been implemented recently for Facebook Messenger as well.

When this window exceeds, you can only respond with message templates. - customer contact conversational window closed

Those template messages have been registered by someone in your organization via the Channels application, and have been approved by WhatsApp/Facebook. You can see which messages you can send when you click on the Pencil icon. - customer contact send templates

A pop-up will appear in which you can find, and select all templates available. When templates are available in various languages you can change this too.

There might be fields which you need to specify, like dates an amount or a name. Those will be highlighted in blue. To adjust the content of those place holder fields you can enter the information in the respective fields underneath the message. Once you have entered the information, your input will overwrite the white fields, and the content will be highlighted. Only when all fields have a value, the messages can be send. - customer contact send templates

More information about those rules can be found in the Help Center and specific chat app documentation. We will help you to detect when sending a template message is required. In below example you can see that the conversation window is closed. 

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