I want to give friends/partners/neighbors early access to the ticketshop, how do I do that?

Updated 2 weeks ago

It’s possible to protect the ticketshop with an access key. This access key is a code that can be entered to access the ticketshop. This can be used, for example, to give a select audience early access to your ticketshop. 

Generate access keys 

  1. Go to Promotion > Generate accesskeys 
  2. Klik the + icon to generate access keys  
  3. In the next window fill in the correct data:
    - Campaign Name: The name of your campaign
    - Quantity: The amount of access keys you wish to generate
    - Prefix: A three character prefix can be added to the codes
    - Is unlimited: Checking this box will allow unlimited access to the
    ticketshop with an access key. If unchecked an access key will only
    give access once by default.
  4. Choose the shop on which the access key is applicable. This can be the default shop, but it’s also possible to create a separate shop for a specific audience/campaign.  
  5. Click Generate Codes to generate the access keys 

The campaign is now visible in the overview and can be clicked on to view statistics (how often and if a key is used). An excel file with the campaign data can also be downloaded, which contains the access keys and custom shoplinks. 

Custom Shoplink 

The custom shoplink (visible in the campaign overview) can be used to access the ticketshop directly, skipping the step where you enter the code. This can be used in an e-mail campaign to, for example, target a select audience with a unique link for early access to your event (e.g. a presale for regular visitors).  

Enabling Access Keys 

Access keys can easily be switched on and off by clicking the status button. When the status is active the shop is only accessibly with an access key.