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How do discount codes work?

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 1 year ago

Discount codes are often used for special promotional purposes. Discount codes can be used to give a specific target group a discount, for example visitors of previous editions or for people who have registered in advance. In this way, sales are often stimulated. 

Discount codes; what can I do with them? 

Via the discount campaign module it is possible to activate discount codes in the following ways:

  • Percentage discount on the total amount of the order 
  • Fixed amount on the total amount of the order 
  • Fixed amount on 1 or more ticket types.

Discount codes: How do I create them?

  1. Go to Promotion > Discount Campaigns
  2. Click the + icon to create a new discount campaign 
  3. In the opened window fill in the preferred data 
    - Campaign name: Fill out the name for your discount campaign 
    - Expire date: By default the validity of the codes expires after the
    event. If there’s a specific end date for your campaign you can set that here
    - Discount type: Select discount on orders or on certain products - Number of discount codes: The amount of different codes you wish to generate.
    Number of times to use: How often a code can be used (Example: If you fill out 2, a code can be used twice to order with a discount)
  4. Depending on the previously selected discount type you do the following.
    Discount on orders
    In the next window you select the discount. This can be a fixed amount (e.g. €5,-) or a percentage (e.g. 20%). After you made your choice you can click next. At the overview screen you can check all settings and either save to campaign or go back to edit. 
    Discount on certain products 
    - Select in this step the tickets you wish to give a discount on
    - Per ticket set the discount amount- Per ticket the the times to use per code (example: If you choose 5, and a buyer orders 8 tickets, the discount will only apply on the first 5 of the selection)
  5. The discount campaign has been successfully created and the codes are immediately ready to be used.

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