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How do I configure a ticket layout?

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 1 year ago

With a ticket layout you can customize your e-tickets to your desired corporate identity. 

Create a ticket layout 

  1. Go to Tickets > Ticket layouts
  2. Click the + icon to add a new ticket layout
  3. Upload your image. Specifications: 1130x1240 pixels – max 1MB filesize 
  4. Fill out your template name 
  5. Choose which information should be displayed on the e-ticket:  
    - Show event date: Show’s the start date of the event as configured in the event settings. Attention: With a multiple days event the startdate of the whole event (so day 1) will be shown. This can lead to confusion for visitors when used on tickets for a later day. 
    - Show purchase date: Displays the date the ticket was purchased 
    - Show ticket price: Shows the price of the ticket
    - Show expire date: Shows the expiration date of the ticket (if applicable) 

Configure the ticket layout 

  1. Go to Tickets > Ticket types
  2. Select the ticket you just created the layout for
  3. Under Template select the recently created layout 
  4. Click Save and the layout is now active 

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