Where can I find the photoshop template for a ticket layout?

Updated 2 weeks ago

When adding a ticket layout you can download a sample template (Photoshop). This template has the dimensions of an e-ticket.  

  1. Go to Tickets > Ticket layouts
  2. Click the + icon
  3. Click on the link: "A photoshop template is available here"
  4. Open the file after downloading and adjust the template to your own wishes 
  5. Click in photoshop on "save for web" and save the template as a JPG or PNG file. 
  6. Go to Tickets > Ticket layouts  
  7. Click the + icon
  8. Provide a name for the template so it can easily be found in the dashboard (this name is not shown on the e-ticket). 
  9. Select the created file 
  10. Set the conditions 
  11. Click on "save"  
  12. The template is now available for use