Help Products Tickets How do I set up that tickets can be scanned at multiple events?

How do I set up that tickets can be scanned at multiple events?

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 11 months ago

In the ticketing dashboard, go to Access and follow the next steps:   

  1. Create a new scan service with a new user for the event that will take place (event A) in step 1 
  2. In step 2, add all tickets to the scan service that need to be scanned for that event and save this service in step 3
  3. Go to the access module in the other event for which you want to add tickets (event B)  
  4. Link the user of event A to the existing scan service of event B   
  5. Go back to event A in the access module and click on refresh 
  6. Click on the scan service you have created and click on tickets  
  7. Now add the tickets from event B by clicking on them and then click save 

Perform steps 3-7 for tickets from other events you want to add. The scan user now has multiple services active. To reduce the chance of errors you can disconnect the 2nd and 3rd event from the user by linking the corresponding scan services to another scan user.   

Regardless of whether a ticket has already been scanned before, it can be scanned once in the new scan service.  

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