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Start the Conversation

Saskia Beukeveld
Saskia Beukeveld
Updated 1 year ago

Start the Conversation

There are circumstances where you would like to start a conversation, and not wait till someone contacts you. You can do this by clicking on the plus icon in the “My conversations” tab. All new conversations will be set-up in your inbox, which means you are the initial owner of the conversations you start.

Step 1. Click on Start Conversation

We will guide you through the steps needed to send a message, and start the conversation.

Step 2. Select the channel

You need to inform, via which communication channel we want to reach out to your customer. When you have more than one communication channel activated you need to select this, and in some cases even which number/page we should use.

Step 3. Upload of contacts

When you are making use of a stable contact group, you can upload a large list with contacts in your CM Address Book.

Making use of a more random group of contacts, you can copy paste the contact information one by one.

Step 4. Enter your message

Depending on the selected communication channel, restrictions on what you can send might apply. For instance via WhatsApp you can only send pre-approved templates, with the use of variable fields you can personalize the message. When reaching out to someone via Twitter, you can send any message type.

Step 5. Review and Send

Review your message, and send it when you think it is okay. Now a conversation will be opened in the system, and the person you reached out to can reply to you in this chat.

Note: Make sure you have an opt-in, and are allowed to contact a person. You don’t want to violate the policies, neither be blocked by the user!

Overview, of the process steps:

4 steps to start the conversation for pro-active support

Once you click Send, the message is send and the Conversation appears in your own overview – “Assigned to me”. Once the consumer responds the conversational window is open, and you can continue the conversation.

pro-active support and services, start the conversation

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