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How to send an automatic reminder
Updated 1 year ago

If an event has happened, but the end goal is not achieved yet, you want to remind your customers. For example if someone texted for a donation, but he never donated. After some days you want to send a kind remember, you can do this automatically with the Customer Data Platform workflows.

Assuming that the event already has happened, the example workflow is designed and the steps will be explained below. For the extensive general guide how to design a workflow please click here.

How to send a reminder
  1. The workflow gets triggered by the Event added Trigger, if this event happens the workflow gets triggered. In this example the event gets triggered if a message is sent.
  2. If you click on the Event added Trigger box, the settings of the trigger are opening on the right. You select the Event that has to happen to trigger the Event, as described above we the event type is Message Sent.
  3. It is possible to filter on specific property, if you want to specify certain details of the event. In this case you have to set this on. In the property you can Select on which you want to filter, in this case you want that the Message equals Value 1, otherwise you make an infinity loop. Short explanation: if you sent a message this workflows gets activated and you sent a remember message if the goal will not be reached. So, again a message is sent and the workflow gets activated again. That is why only want to activate this workflow when the first message is sent.
  4. Because you do not want to send the reminder directly after the event happened, you insert a Wait step. In this step you select the amount of time you want to wait and you select the unit of the time. When you click on the wait step box you can setup the box. The amount is free to choose and for the unit there is a choice between hours or days. In this example the amount is 5 and the unit is days.
  5. When the waiting period (step) ended you want to send the remember message. In this example the reminder is with a text message, but it is also possible to do it with a email or send a HTTP request to an other system. When you click on the Message step Box the settings on the right get opened. The following steps are about these settings.
  6. Here you select the property field which contains the mobile phone number to which the reminder should be sent.
  7. In this field you fill in the Sender it’s name. In this example the WWF is sending the reminding message, thats why WWF is filled in.
  8. In this field you select the Channel you want to use to sent the message. This can be all the channels that you have connected to the platform.
  9. Here you can type your message which you want to send. In this example you see that the message ends with a short URL, this is a link to the Page you can donate on(which you already send in your first message). If you want to sent a Page with this, you have to manually copy and paste the short URL Page link. You can do this to sent a message with this Page to yourself as test and copy the link.
  10. When you setup the trigger and steps right, you have to connect them. You do this with dragging a dotted line from the lower blue dot of the Trigger or Step to the upper blue dot of the next Step.

To finalize the workflow you have to setup the Workflow settings you open this menu to deselect the trigger or step box and the settings will open in the right menu.

Workflow settings
  1. First you want to enable the workflow, you can enable it by clicking on this on/off switch.
  2. Here you can give your workflow a name.
  3. With this switch you give the Workflow a goal, to sent a reminder this is very important, because you only want to sent a reminder when to goal is not reached yet!
  4. Here you select the event that is the goal for this workflow. So the goal of the workflow is that the event: Donatie WWF is happened. It is also again possible to filter here as well.
  5. This checkbox is very important because if this is on the Workflow will end automatically if the goal is met. In this example the goal is that a customer donates to the charity, so when that happened you do not want to send a reminder message.
  6. To finalize the workflow you can save it with Save button.


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