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How to use the Spotify Integration?

Colinda Leemans
Colinda Leemans
Updated 1 year ago
  1. Open the “integrations” tab on the left side and click on the “new integration” button in the right upper corner.
  2. Look for the Spotify URI of the track you want to fill in and copy it to the “Spotify track URI” form field. (example: spotify:track:3A4XD98PDiC1uqEdHsDzvT)
  3. Determine a URL where people are being sent to after doing the presave. Fill this URL in the field “Return URL”
  4. You can use the “Description” field to describe the track and the functioning of the pre-save module” to the fans. (e.g. “Make sure to be the first to pre-save the newest track from Amelie Lens: Little Robot. When clicking on "pre-save" you agree to be added to the list of people who want to be informed about all new information about Amelie Lens.)
  5. Choose the Release type: Released or Pre-release
  6. An URL is generated which you can use as Call to Action in your campaign

Spotify integration how to URIspotify integration login screen

spotify integration pre save screen
  • When the user clicks on the generated link at first a spotify login screen opens
  • When the user clicks on the green “pre-save” button he’ll be redirected to the URL you’ve entered in the “return URL part”
  • At the same time In the Customer Data Platform an “Spotify: Logged in” and “Spotify Pre-saved track” event is generated for this user.
  • Additional information is provided about the top 5 listened artists and top 5 listened tracks from this user at the moment of pre-save.
spotify integration login in cdp

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