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How to create a venue in Seated ticketing

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 1 year ago

How to create a venue within a location

1. In the Dashboard, go to Venues.

2. Press in the upper right-hand corner of the plus sign.


Venues Seated Ticketing

3. Enter the details of the new venue

4. After saving the venue. Click on the venue.

5. Click on the plus sign within the sections


Sections Seated Ticketing

6. Give the new section a name, e.g. section A.

7. Choose a Ring that contains this section, if you only have one ring, just name it ring.

8. Choose a Price Category, e.g. Normal or VIP. If you only have one category, then call it regular or normal.

9. Choose between Reserved Seating (fixed seats) and General admission (free choice of seat)

10. At General admission it is important to know the capacity of the seats and to fill them in at capacity. 

11. For example, you can add an image of what the view is like from this section

Venue Designer Seated ticketing

If you have opted for reserved seating, a pencil will become visible next to the seat after saving. Press this to draw the section. And follow the next steps.

Now enter on the right how big the section should be, for example 10 rows for 10 chairs. After pressing create, the section will appear.


 Now click on the box to change things in it.

PLEASE NOTE: The field or room is always above the box. Keep this in mind.

Under the Numbering button you can have the row and seat numbers start somewhere else or count them the other way around. 


Numbering seated ticketing

Under the Spacing button you can add extra space between the rows and chairs.

Under the button Layout you can rotate the box, or skew the chairs.

It may be that you don't want to use some of the chairs in a certain compartment because of poor visibility or a camera, or simply that a chair is not there. Then follow the next steps.

- Click next to the text box on the button with the pencil.


Sections Seated Ticketing

- Select the chairs you want to remove


Stoelen Selctie Seated

- Press the trash can on the right to remove the chairs.

- You can get the chairs back by selecting them again and then pressing the button to the right of the trashcan. This button will return the removed chairs.

Don't forget to save the box before you return to the dashboard to create a new box.

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