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How to create a new shop in Seated ticketing

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 1 year ago

To put events and/or matches online it is necessary to make a shop. A shop is an online environment to which you can apply certain settings. For example, you can create a general shop for public sales and a separate shop for VIP or business, where other settings apply. More about this in the manual below. 

Creating a shop

Step 1 Go to Shops

Step 2 Press '+' to create a new shop

Step 3  Enter the name of the shop and the slug, the slug will be visible in the URL, when using domain. Then click on 'save'.

Shop Seated ticketing

Set up shop

In general settings, the following items can be adjusted/adjusted:

1. Name: you can change the name here after creating the shop

2. Slug: you can still adjust the slug here after creating the shop.

In shop settings you can manage different types of settings such as:

1. Activate/deactivate the discount code field in the shop

2. Order download button on/off in the shop (deactivate with season ticket extension)

3. Manual seat selection on/off

4. Automatic seat change on/off

5. At 'Reservation time' you can adjust the order time you give the end user, by default this is 20 minutes. 

6. At 'My account label' you can put a personal label on the shop, when the end user clicks on his/her account. For example 'My CM account

Shop settings seated

7. You can manage customer data per item in the shop whether they are required, optional or not. 

8. In E-Commerce, the marketing departments can provide different data to analyze the traffic, or the conversion in the shop. 

9. Support URL: This is the URL that redirects to a contact page, when the end user in the shop clicks on the question mark in the top right corner. It automatically redirects to the CM support system. But this URL can be changed to a contact or FAQ page of your company.

Shop settings seated

Creating pages in the shop

Within the shop you can create multiple pages, just like a website contains multiple pages. This allows you to split certain sales, such as events, season tickets, trainings and the like from sales. 

Step 1 Create a new page by clicking on '+ Add new shop page'.

Shop settings seated

Step 2 Give the page a name and fill in a description, the description will appear on the page. You can, for example, explain the products that are sold in the description. 

Step 3 You can then indicate on events, event categories and season ticket types what may be visible in the shop. Whatever comes online in the shop has to be swept to the right, under the name 'selected'.

shop settings seated


The shop can be made in your own style with a personal background, colors, buttons, sponsors and more. Via the button 'Open Editor' you immediately enter the editing environment where you can see the result as a preview when making changes. The editor is self-explanatory and each tool is explained in more detail with a '?' button.

Shop styling seated

Advanced settings:

There are also a number of advanced settings:

1. Define login policy: there are several options to determine the flow when to login, this can be when opening the shop or just after choosing the products. This can be adjusted on shop level.

2. Callback Urls: Here you can enter a URL that the end user can fall back on after payment, as a kind of thank-you page. 

3. iFrame: It is possible to integrate the shop as an iFrame in the website.

Shop settings seated

You can preview the shop by clicking on the 'Go to shop' button.

shop settings seated

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