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How to start selling tickets

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 1 year ago

After the event is set-up, it is time to create a sale plan. This plan consists of when, what tickets will come available and for who.

In the steps below we explain how to set-up a sales plan.

1. Click on events and go to ‘Sale Plans’ 


Sales plan seated ticketing

2. You can make on event level your sale plans in this overview

3. You can choose a sale plan template or make a new one. 

4. Click on ‘+ New Rule’ to make a new Sale plan 


Sales plan seated ticketing

5. You can filter on several items, for example on shoplevel via ‘Shops’

6. You can choose when the sale starts and ends via the buttons ‘Sale start at’ and ‘Sale end at’

7. You can set up a maximum tickets, this maximum is bundled over the ticket types and valid per account. This filter is called ‘max. tickets’

8. At the filter ‘venue sections’ you can set up for which sections the end users can buy tickets for

9. At the filter ‘ticket types’ you can set up which ticket types this sale is valid

10. At the filter ’subscription types’ you can set up for which season ticket types the sale may be visible. Where you can grant certain privileges per season ticket type. For example, you may purchase tickets earlier in this case.

11. At the filter ‘customer tags’ you can also add certain privileges an group level

ATTENTION: Any changes you make to the sales plan may take about a few minutes to process in the shop.

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