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How to start with Seated ticketing?

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 1 year ago

 To start Seated Ticketing it is important to follow these steps 

1. Open Seated Ticketing 

2. Create a venue. Look at this article how to do this

3. Create a new event, follow these steps 

• Press + to create a new event

• Give the event a name (for a multi-day event, fill in the day here as well)  

• Choose between event or match (only change at match is 2 logos instead of 1) 

• Fill in the event description 

• Select the start and end date 

• Choose the previously created venue

• Create an event category (make sure that all days of a multi-day event get this category, so that it is linked for the passe partouts/subscriptions) 

• Add image/logos - preferably square, but this is not a requirement  

• Press save 

4. First create a new shop, do it according to this article 

5. Now you can continue setting up the event. First create the ticket types according to the following article 

6. Create a sales plan now, using the article here


The event is now set up without subscriptions/pass partouts if you want more information about this click here


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