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Organizing matches during corona time
Updated 4 weeks ago

There are mainly three type of challenges for organizing matches, with a part of the spectators which are welcome due to corona:

  1. There is probably more demand than supply, because of the 1,5 meter rule. So not every supporter who has a card can be at all matches.
  2. Spectators can no longer sit on their specific seat, because of the 1,5 meter rule.
  3. Arrange the stadium floor plan so that it is 1,5 metres and corona proof 

On the basis of the challenges above, gives the following advice: 

Claim your card:

The supporter gets the chance to claim his/her card before the match by means of ‘first come, first service’ selection.

Of course, you can give priority groups early access to the shop. 


Your seat in the stadium:

We advise to set up capacity sections (not seated) and determine the rights per subscription type.

You can also, for example, assign separate duo, trio or family compartments in your locations. As some of them will come alone, in duos, trios or larger groups. We recommend to put a maximum persons on each section in your venue. 

It is not possible to make a specific seat selection, but you can choose from a section and the amount of tickets you want to buy for the competition. 

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