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How to sell tickets at the door with Seated Ticketing?

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 11 months ago

If someone comes to the door to buy a ticket, follow these steps.

1. Click on the event or match for which the visitors want to buy a ticket

2. Click on the section where the visitors want to sit

3. With a placated box you can now select a chair, at the bottom of the screen an order arises. With free choice of seat you can choose ticket type and how much you want to select.

4. Click on the arrow to open it.

5. Enter the name of the person at relation

6. Under type you can select whether it is a normal ticket or another ticket type

7. Under access group you can choose an extra course/section to which the visitor also has access.

8. Under the label you can activate a discount, provided it is activated for the dashboard.

9. Proceed to continue

10. Check the order and choose a payment method.

11. Press confirm

12. If the ticket is for a later moment mail the ticket to the customer

13. Is the ticket for today or tomorrow you can print it, provided there is a printer connected.

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