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How can I make a discount campaign in Seated ticketing?

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 1 year ago

Create discount campaigns

In order to create a discount campaign in the seated dashboard, the following steps need to be followed.

- Go to discount campaigns in the dashboard

- Click on the plus to create a new campaign

- By name the campaign name has to be filled in

- There are three types of discount namely

1. Automatic - Automatic discount on all orders

2. Discount code - 1 code for everyone e.g. EARLYBIRD (with this option the code to be used under the point code has to be filled in)

3. Unique code - A unique code for each person, read on how to generate it

- Choose by type whether the discount is valid on ticket level or on order level

- In case of a discount you can choose for a fixed amount of discount or a percentage discount.

- In case of capacity, it is determined how often a code can be used. ATTENTION If unique codes are chosen, the capacity determines how often each unique code is valid.

- Under advanced settings it is possible to set when the discount is valid, this is stated under validity period

- Under amount of tickets you can choose to have the discount valid only on a limited number of tickets, for example only on the first 5 tickets or from 10 tickets.

- Click on the save

- After this you can click on the button add new

- Here you can filter which ticket types/seasonal ticket types/events or event categories are available for the discount

- If more than one event is made available for the discount, then all ticket types within these events will enable the discount, if this is not the intention then create a block per event where a selection is made which ticket types in the event can make use of the discount.

- Check the orders where the discount code is used

- It is possible to create more unique codes than originally thought.

- Click on a campaign with unique codes

- Go to the codes tab

- Click on generate and determine how many additional codes should be generated

In the advanced settings you can check that the discount is also applicable within the dashboard. If you then manually create an order for someone, you can also add a discount. You can do this by pressing the discount label in an order.

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