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Create a customized consent management page

Colinda Leemans
Colinda Leemans
Updated 7 months ago

This consent management page can be customized to your companies styling. 

Go to Sources (left side navigation bar) and click on the “Consent” integration.

Here you are able to customize the following parts of the page:

  • Page title
  • Page description
  • Button Color 
  • Checkbox color

Next to that you have the option to only show the consent categories people have or show all the available opt-in options. In this way the page can also function as a personal opt-in and opt out page.

Do you want this, check the option “Always show all consents”.


At the bottom of the page you can create the different consent categories with a applicable title and description. For connecting the right category to the right data that comes into the platform, reach out to your Data Consultant contact person.

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