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Import voucher codes in ticketing

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 10 months ago

Through the ticketing application it is possible to import voucher codes. This tutorial explains how to easily import voucher codes for your events. 

1. Click on "Import" in the voucher code overview. 

2. Next you get the option to select a file of your codes which must be an xlsx file. You can also download a template in which the document headers already filled in for your excel file


voucher 4

3. If you click "Next" you can folder the document headers. Link the correct document headers to the voucher code and balance here. 


voucher 5

4. Next you can fill in the campaign information. Only the name for the campaign is required, the prefix and expiration date are optional. 

voucher 6

5. In the last step you can select events for which you want to make the codes valid. Don't worry if you create events later, you can always change the active events of the voucher code campaign later. 

6. When you press the "Import data" button, the application will import the codes for you. And you have just completed a voucher code import! 

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