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How to have Email conversations in Customer Contact?

Saskia Beukeveld
Saskia Beukeveld
Updated 7 months ago

Customer Contact helps you to have conversations. For you as agent is does not matter which application or app is used by your customers, you work from one unified dashboard. We know what is allowed and possible per channel, and our system has been programmed to do exactly that. Hence you don’t have to remember all that. Conversations are set-up based on a 

  • From (phone number/email address) +
  • To (phone number/email address) +
  • Start Date

Example Whatsapp:

31698745632+49789456123+{today hh:mm}

Example email:

[email protected][email protected]+{today hh:mm}

About conversations via email:

We did not rebuilt a “Outlook”, or ticket-system as you traditionally know them. Customer Contact is a “messaging” application and we allow you to do that via email too. You receive an email, and can reply to this message, upon which you can receive a response again. We connect emails from the same originating email address - so you can read the tread well.

When creating email-conversations it means that our system does not look at the subject of emails when creating the conversation. Yes, you will know the subject per email you receive, but we do not list the emails from one consumer with different subjects separately.

When you talk to a consumer about a support request all following emails are added to that original conversation. Which helps you to keep an overview on what has been said by whom and when.

BUT this also means that our system is “horrible” for people email each-other multiple times a day about different subjects. It will create one endless tread of emails, which you can no longer answer individually.

Add an email account to Customer Contact

Go to Customer Contact >> Settings >> Channels and select E-mail

Email conversation

Fill in the details related to your email account.

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Display name {where is this used}?
  • And the mailbox from where we can retrieve the emails from. When you have no routing rules set-up in you email account, most common used is the Inbox

Based on the email host certain criteria are fixed:

host criteria email customer contactadd email account

Then you click Add.

Configuration from throughout the chain takes a few minutes only. Once connected all NEW emails send to this email account will be send to your Customer Contact dashboard.

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